Best of Scandinavia Incoming AS is a family run company with offices in Norway and Sweden, specialised in developing high quality products in all of Scandinavia. 2022 marked the birthday of 25 years on the market!


Since 2007 we do work almost exclusively with FIT products. Groups are an exception, as we take on only high-quality customers paying what it does cost to make everybody involved happy. The range of FIT products are roundtrips with and without activities, by car, train/bus/boat and motorcycle.

Another competence is the production of experience and activity packages linked to the nature of the Nordic Countries. We cooperate with the best experts (for example “Natures Best”) and high-quality suppliers.

In 1996 we started with developing products for the German market. Meanwhile we have customers in Great Britain, Austria, Switzerland, France, Germany and the Netherlands, too.

We operate with tour-operators only! We do not offer deals for private persons.